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LionClock v3.x

For all of you, our loyal LionClock v3.x customers, first and foremost we want to say thank you for being loyal supporters of our software.

That being said, we are sorry to say that we can no longer support LionClock v3.x. This is not a decision based on want, need, or ability. Due to a recent legal issue, we are no longer permitted to work with the v3.x version of our software. We no longer have downloads of it, we can no longer generate or distribute license codes for it, and we no longer even have the source code.

The good news is, LionClock is not dead. Our current working version is LionClock 2011. If you upgrade to LionClock 2011, all of your data will automatically be migrated into the new version automatically. Even though we cannot work with the older version of LionClock, does not mean that you don't have any options.

But yes, there is a cost to upgrade depending on the license you require. Prices for LionClock 2011 can be found on this page. The column marked "First Time Fee" is the price for the upgrade, minus a discount that we offer to all current customers. Follow the instructions on the ordering page to request your discount.

Back when creating LionClock 2011, we decided to lower the price-point of our software to make it more affordable for all clients. We believe we supply one of the best products in our industry, but wanted to lower the barrier to entry to make LionClock available to everyone who needs it. As such, we decided to adopt an annual license structure. This allowed us to drop the price of our software for new customers, and count on the quality of our software to keep them as loyal customers each year.

This is how our business is now structured, which is a change for our v3.x customers. Again, this was the best way we could find to satisfy the needs of everyone, and is how we have done business since 2011. We would hope that our v3.x customers who find themselves in need to upgrade will see the merit in this decision.

So that's it. That's where we are, and how and why we got here. If you have any questions, please feel free to utilize our CONTACT US page, by clicking on the button on the top right of the page.

We hope you will continue to be a member of our LionClock family.

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