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LionClock with Biometric support
Upcoming support for fingerprint reader

Please note that this page is referring to LionClock features that are not yet available

We have received and continue to receive many requests to use a fingerprint reader device with LionClock. We are glad to report, that we plan to add this option in the near future. Basically, this means that you would be able to completely eliminate any possibility of employees clocking for their friends, commonly known as buddy-punching. In fact, since each person has a unique set of fingerprints, only the employee himself would be able to clock IN and OUT.

To clock IN and OUT, your employees would simply place their finger on a fingerprint reader attached to your computer. No keyboard or mouse required. If you are concerned about privacy, rest assured that LionClock does not store images of the actual fingerprints. Instead it records a unique mathematical formula of the fingerprint that allows LionClock to easily and precisely identify each person.

We decided to use DigitalPersona 4500 USB reader for this feature. This device is by far the most reliable and the best known finger print reader currently available that has been widely used world-wide by thousands of companies. It's also one of the most reliable and maintenance-free devices in its class.

Biometric clocking will be available as part of LionClock 2012, We ask as many LionClock users to participate in our Beta version testing of the fingerprint feature. If we can get enough people to actively use the upcoming Beta version and send us their comments and bug reports, it is possible that Biometric support might become available by the end of November 2012.

To test the Beta version with Biometric support, you would need to purchase a fingerprint reader, DigitalPersona 4500 USB.

Complete this form if:

  • you would like to be notified when Biometric support becomes available
  • you want to send us your suggestions
  • you would like to participate in testing our Biometric Beta version (requires a purchase of a fingerprint reader, at a cost of about $95 from a hardware store of your choice)

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