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Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients have to say about our LionClock software. We are glad to be helpful to so many people. To read what LionClock users say about our e-mail technical support, click here.

LionClock is being used by more than 9800 companies in North America including business firms and offices, manufacturers, retail stores, schools, universities, medical and veterinary clinics, physician and dental offices, law firms, government and state organizations as well as many others. All these companies can't be wrong about their choice! Below is a partial list of well-known companies using our software. To see an even larger list of our customers, click here.


Thank you for making such a wonderful product that is easy to use and affordable.
David Hall
Owner of Diamond Gusset Jeans


It's a small price to pay for all the time it will save me! Thank again for a wonderful time-saving product. 
M. P.


I purchased LionClock about a month ago and it has already saved me many hours of manual calculating of employee time. Thank you!
David B.


I just wanted to let you know that your LionClock software is great. Simple and easy to use.


Of all the time keepers I have tried this is the best investment made. 
Erly A.


Your product is fantastic. It is the most reliable, user friendly, and time-saving one on the market.
Hugh B.


[We] would like to thank you and tell you that your program will make things a lot easier than the pen and paper method we have been using.
Reid M.


I must say, as a programmer, I am very pleased with the program and the ease of configuring, and backing up the data. It is a fantastic program for the money. I would highly recommend it to any one.
Linda C.


Your program works great, simple and to the point.


Thank you for your very fast reply. I am faxing a copy of the check to you today, and look forward to receiving the software. The demo was great, and after trying numerous software packages, yours is by far the easiest to use and most affordable. Thank you for a great product.
Dave B.


Clean, easy and neat. What else can I say... your program does exactly what it says it does. Couldn't be any easier !!


Our office has been a user of LionClock since November of 2001. We like the convenience of having this on each workstation for the employee to record their time.
Debbie N.


Thank you for your quick response on this. I look forward to launching your product at my company. Congratulations on this simple, affordable, and well programmed time tracking software!
Brian G.


I am going to share my excellent find in your company w/ my business collages. I know the success of word of mouth advertising. I pray that your company is blessed and grows greater than you expected.
B. T.


It really is a nice little application!


Your program is now installed and working on an old Gateway with a Windows 98 operating system. Amazing. Just to let you know, I LOVE this simple, easy to use program. The employees understand it and are using it easily as well.


...you have a wonderful product that has saved me quite a bit of money on the investment in a time clock.
Eric N.


We love your software! It has saved us money!
Sincerely, Dr. A. Zedlitz


We are very satisfied with your product, it has a very good layout and its very easy to use it. We are now planing to install a touch screen monitor to facilitated the personnel in and out. Our accounting Lady is kissing me everyday, now that she doesn't have to add and handle more time cards. 
Ray D.


Your software is excellent and a perfect match for our small business. 
Doug D.


Customer comments about our E-Mail Technical Support

I can't thank you enough! You're great to work with!


I will try this. I really want to thank you guys for your prompt attention to my problem. I am impressed ! 
Curtis L.


Thanks. Your automated service was able to help me just fine. That was great
to be able to get what I needed quickly, and even after normal hours. I love
your time clock program, works great for my little company!

Brad K.


Thank you so much for all your help, it finally worked! No need to be sorry, it was a frustrating situation. But I have to say you have been the most helpful support person I have ever worked with, with your quick responses and great attitude. I really appreciate all your efforts. Thanks again and have a happy holiday season!
Dianne C.


Thank you for following up with the support request. I was able to resolve the issues with the suggestion from your support team. The program works fine since then; I find it tremendously helpful and time-saving. 
Terry N.


Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. It saved me a lot of hassle. I found you guys 6 months ago and LionClock has worked so precise ever since. Please sign me up to your mailing list so you guys can let me know of new products or what is to come. On behalf of all the employees at MusiChristian.com we would like to say "Thank You" for your prompt service.

Thank you. I am more than satisfied with your product and your service!
Valerie A. S.


Excellent & prompt service. You are to be commended!
Arthur S.


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