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LionClock Pro for Networks


LionClock Pro allows your employees to clock IN and OUT from different locations in your company.

LionClock Pro Features:

prcarrow Manage up to 200 employees (ideal for small businesses)
prcarrow Manage both hourly and salaried employees
prcarrow Only the administrator can access management functions, after entering his password

prcarrow Generate payroll reports for your employees including:

bullet Regular hours/wages  
bullet Overtime hours/wages  
bullet Gross earnings  
prcarrow Save time by generating and printing all payroll reports at once
prcarrow Resizable main window with color-coded employee status
prcarrow Instantly see who is currently IN and OUT using the Status Report
prcarrow Ask for personal ID number each time an employee clocks IN or OUT (no more fraud)
prcarrow Support for barcode scanners and magnetic card readers
prcarrow Add/remove employees easily
prcarrow Edit employees' time easily
prcarrow Built-in data backup/restore function
prcarrow Optional auto-break deduction: automatically deduct a break if employees forget to take it
prcarrow Automatically credit paid holidays to all or selected employees
prcarrow Supports daily or weekly overtime (or both for states like California)
prcarrow Lot's of exporting capabilities: easily export raw time entries or entire payroll reports for use with other programs

prcarrow The administrator can manage all the employees from one computer
prcarrow Allows employees to clock IN and OUT from different locations
prcarrow The employees cannot cheat since their time is recorder by the Server and all the time files are kept on the sever
prcarrow LionClock Server can run as a Windows service, a background application

LionClock Pro has two parts:

LionClock Server LionClock Client
Used by the administrator to manage employees, create and print payroll reports Used by the employees to clock IN and OUT
Must be installed on a computer accessible by the administrator only Can be installed on different computers in the company to allow employees to clock IN and OUT from various locations
Keeps all the employee information, their time files and passwords Optionally, allows employees to see and/or print their working hours
On Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 can run as NT Service (invisible background application) Doesn't keep any employee information
Easily exports employee time entries directly to QuickBooks (

LionClock Pro for Networks Diagram


LionClock Pro is compatible with standard TCP/IP local networks. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. LionClock Pro price depends on the number of workstations your employees need to clock from.

Purchase LionClock Pro online starting at $59.99 US

Or try the Demo version for free


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