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LionClock Screenshots

The main goal of LionClock is to eliminate a waste of time when it comes to keep track of your employees' hours and total them. In other words, each payday you won't have to calculate the hours manually anymore. Instead, you would be looking at reports generated by LionClock and writing checks for your employees. That means you can throw your noisy mechanical clock away and recycle all the paper time cards.

Here are some screenshots:

LionClock's main window: select a name and click the IN or OUT button


The employee has to enter his personal ID number to clock IN or OUT

(Asking employees for personal ID can be enabled/disabled from Options)


Access the management functions by entering your password


Management Functions


The only information you need to add a new employee


Adjust LionClock to your company's rules


Edit your employees' time easily


Creating payroll reports is easier then ever


Daily Hours Payroll Report
See it full size

See it full size

Time Card Payroll Report
See it full size

See it full size


Multiple Payroll Report
See it full size

See it full size


Employee Status Report
See it full size

Overtime Report
See it full size

Approaching Overtime Report
See it full size

Birthday Report
See it full size

Tardy Report
See it full size

Print payroll reports with a click of a mouse. Easy, right?


LionClock now allows you to export raw time entries to other programs


Payroll reports can also be exported as files


Purchase LionClock online for only $ 49.99 US

Or try the Demo version for free


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