Main screen - Keypad Mode
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The keypad mode allows your employees to clock IN and OUT by entering their badge number. In this mode, no employee list is displayed. To use LionClock 2011 in keypad mode, go to Manage - Options - Interface Tab.

Badge Number Field
Your employees can clock IN and OUT by entering their badge number into this field or by using the numeric keys on the keyboard. Badge numbers are unique (two employees cannot have the same badge number) and should not be confused with PIN numbers. To change a badge number assigned to an employee, go to Manage - Modify Employee Info.

Numeric Keypad
Your employees can enter their badge number by using the numeric keypad on the screen or the keyboard. If you have a barcode or magnetic card reader, you can create employee cards with their respective badge numbers. To create such cards, you need to encode the employee's badge number in form of a barcode or data on a magnetic card. If you feel uncomfortable doing this on your own, we offer inexpensive plastic card printing services on our web site.

To use a barcode or magnetic card reader, make sure it is plugged in and properly configured. The reader will not work in Employee List mode. Only Keypad mode supports barcode or magnetic card readers.

Last Action Field
Displays the details of the last action made by the selected employee