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Paid holiday credits
This options could be useful if your company would like to automatically credit employees for specific holidays. LionClock 2011 comes with a default list of holidays that you can modify the way you like. To adjust the holiday's date and amount of hours to be credited, select the holiday and press the Edit Holiday button.

The "Credited holiday hours should affect weekly overtime" option specifies if weekly overtime will be affected by paid holiday hours.

Example: July 4th is a paid holiday for most companies. A typical employee would get credited 8 holiday hours for that day. By enabling this option, the normal work week would change from 40 hours to 32 (depending on your overtime settings). Anything over 32 hours then becomes overtime for the week.

Important: By default, none of these holidays are selected to be automatically credited. To do so, you have to:

1) Put a checkmark next to each holiday you would like to credit
2) For each employee who should have paid holidays, go to Manage - Modify Employee Info menu and check the "Credit Paid Holidays" option.

Only then your employees will be credited paid holiday hours.