Editing employee time  
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LionClock 2011 allows you to easily edit employee's time using the built-in Time Editor that can be found at the Manage - Edit Employee Time menu. The Time Editor can perform 4 tasks:

1. Edit Time Entries

Select the date range you would like to see and press the Next button. Select the line you would like to edit and press the Edit button.

You now have the ability to edit the date and time of the punch and leave a comment to describe this time entry. By default, when you edit a punch, it will be maked with a comment saying "EDITED". This way, when you print payroll reports, you can recognize the entries that you edited. After editing a time entry, press the Finish button. Then, press the Next button to apply the changes.

2. Add Time Entries

After pressing Next, you will see a screen allowing you to add working hours. Specify the IN and OUT date and time and enter an optional comment. The comment field can be used to mark the added time entry as a sick or vacation day. Don't forget to press the Next button to apply the changes once you are done.

3. Delete Time Entries

After pressing Next, you will see a screen with pairs of time entries that can be deleted. Please note that only completed (IN and OUT) time entries are displayed.

To delete a pair of time punches, select it and mark it for deletion by pressing the Delete button. Repeat this for all the entries that you would like to delete. They will all be marked by a red cross. If you made a mistake, press the Back button to go back.

Once you are done, don't forget to press the Next button to confirm the changes. Otherwise, no entries will be deleted.

4. Punch OUT

This options is available only if the employee is currently punched IN. As a manager, you can use this options to clock OUT an employee who forgot to clock OUT before leaving. Simply enter the time and date of the clock OUT entry and press the Next button.