Network troubleshooting tips
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This section is intended to help you find and resolve any unexpected problems while configuring or using LionClock Pro on your network. Before reading this, we expect that you carefully followed our step by step installation guide.

Problem: When I open LionClock Pro 2011, I get an error message saying:
"Run-time error '10048': Address in use"

Usually, this error number means that TCP ports used by LionClock Pro are already in use. Although very unlikely, another program could be using the same ports. Other than that, try closing and re-starting LionClock Pro 2011 5 minutes later. Sometimes, if the ports are not closed properly, you won't be able to use them again. Also, make sure that your network is generally well configured, including using unique IP addresses for each computer.

Also, this error is often reported by people who try to use LionClock Pro on Windows Terminal Services or Citrix environment. If this is your case, please note that LionClock Pro for Networks has never been tested in this environment. There is a possibly it might work, however, it was not specifically designed for it. Unfortunately, we won't be able to assist you since this is not a documented feature.

When using LionClock Client, I get an error message saying:
"Run-time error '10061': The connection with the server cannot be established"

There are a few reasons you might be getting this error.

1) Most common: LionClock Server is not currently running. In order to use LionClock Clients to clock IN and OUT, LionClock Server has to be running.

2) The IP address you entered into LionClock Client is not the Server's IP address. You might have misspelled it or it may have changed. Read more about entering the Server's IP address.

3) The error could also be caused by firewall software. Do you have any firewall(s) or packet filters installed? Such capabilities are built into Windows NT 4, 2000 and XP, but are not enabled by default. Might they have been enabled? If so, you will need to make sure that this software is not blocking TCP ports used by LionClock Pro. If either of those ports are blocked, LionClock will be unable to function correctly. This also applies to third-party software firewalls (such as ZoneAlarm), as well as hardware firewalls (built into most routers).

4) The error could also be caused by badly configured network. To check if the Client computer can actually contact the Server computer, we advise you to use the ping function by following these steps:

Let's say your server's IP is:

a) Go to Start - Run, type in "command" and press Enter

b) A DOS prompt window will come up. Type in "ping" and press Enter

c) If you see "Request timed out" messages, your network setup isn't working properly. You should consult your network technician.

5) Make sure that computers on your network use IP addresses within one of the ranges assigned for private networks. Those ranges are as follows: - - -

Therefore, using the addresses and for each of your systems would put you in the private address range and avoid any potential problems.

6) If nothing helps, please double-check your network cables and make sure your network card drivers are properly installed. You can also contact our support team for further assistance.

When I open LionClock Pro 2011, I get an error message saying:
"Runtime Error '10047': Address family is not supported"

LionClock Pro requires TCP/IP protocol to be installed to function properly. This protocol is normally installed by Windows by default in 95% of cases. If it has been removed, please go to Start - Control Panel - Networks to re-install it. We also recommend that you check the solutions mentioned above for the 10061 run time error.

After clocking an employee IN or OUT, the punch buttons are not updated showing the employee as IN or OUT. The only way to update the buttons is to select another employee and come back.

You should contact your network administrator and ask him the following questions:

1) Is there is anything in the network setup that would prevent global broadcasts ( from arriving to the computers that have the Client installed? That is how the employee status is being refreshed when it changes.

2) Are you using LionClock Pro on a local network or over Internet? If you try to use LionClock Pro over the Internet, global broadcasts could be lost causing the buttons not to be updated.

3) You have to make sure that TCP ports used by LionClock Pro are not being blocked by any kind or firewall software or build-in firewall hardware.